Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Farmers Markets

Sunday I went to two neighborhood farmers markets - the Ballard and Fremont Markets. Both are open year-round, and of course, they offer a bounty of local produce, artisan food products, wares from artists, and even vintage jewelry and clothes. I could easily spend a day just strolling around the markets, sampling the yummy snacks and marveling at the beautiful fruits and veggies I've never even heard of before. There are no less than a dozen farmers markets happening all across the city on various days of the week, and I have the resolute intention of visiting each and every one.

As if the smaller farmers markets weren't enough, there's also Pike Place Market, the gigantic, wild and crazy market that's open every single day of the year. I haven't even begun to explore everything Pike Place has to offer. In addition to being one of the oldest continually-running markets in the country, it is home to the original Starbucks, the famous "fish-throwers" (apparently they're all the rage, but I find it rather cruel), cooking demos by the city's best chefs, and literally hundreds of stores and booths selling not just produce from local farms (though there's certainly plenty of that), but also clothes, jewelry, handmade crafts, gifts, antiques, and art. Whew! I plan on taking one of the Market tours soon, just so I can begin to figure out that teeming, wonderful place.

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